Cupcakes and Bites

If you are after a mouth-sized morsel, we do a selection of different cup cakes and treats including peanut butter brownie sandwiches, berry almond friands, vanilla marshmallows, cute meringue kisses.  See our gallery page for more!

strawberry cupcakes

Cupcakes come in sets of 12 or 24 and we offer them in a range of different flavours, these are our most popular;

Strawberry Cheesecake

These little gems are a vanilla sponge with fresh strawberry pieces in the base, topped with cream cheese icing and a sprinkle of cheesecake biscuit base on top.

Chocolate Orange

Rich chocolate and orange zest sponge is topped with chocolate cheesecake icing and a cheeky segment of chocolate orange.

Raspberry Jam filled

Light vanilla bean sponge has a gooey centre of raspberry conserve and then topped with fresh raspberry buttercream. To switch it up we can also fill them with lemon curd and top with fresh raspberry buttercream. This combination tastes amazing!

Salted Caramel

Indulgent Belgian chocolate sponge topped with salted caramel buttercream and a drizzle of delicately salted caramel sauce.

Lemon meringue

Fresh and zesty lemon sponge with a lemon curd centre and then topped with fluffy toasted meringue, what’s not to like!? A bakery favourite.

Chocolate Cherry

Inspired by the cherry blossoms of Japan, these are chocolate and black cherry sponges, topped with a swirl of chocolate ganache.

chocolate orange cupcake


Prices for cupcakes vary but start from £2.00 a cake, with a minimum order of 12 cupcakes.